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 It may seem obvious to readers looking at the map, but to the residents of this charming part of the greater Jacksonville area, we debate whether or not we are an island or a form of peninsula.  Named after George Fleming, who settled here in the late 1700’s (yes, we even have some history here), Fleming Island borders Orange Park and Green Cove Springs with water all – or almost all – around.


Water borders us

North – Doctor’s Lake or Doctor’s Inlet which is about 3300 acres, measuring about a mile wide and four miles long to Swimming Pen Creek or, more important to the hungry and thirsty,  Whitey’s Fish Camp, a favorite local restaurant/bar.  If you’re wondering about the name, apparently some doctors built homes along the lake and the name stuck.

East – St. Johns River which is about three miles wide at this point. Honestly, it looks more like a bay than a river. It is absolutely beautiful and driving over the bridge onto the island never ceases to be a marvel as the water, sky, and vessels weave their way along. (An aside: we have seen dolphins jumping in the river downtown when we go by boat to the football games. How cool is that!)

South – Black Creek is so named because of its brackish dark water. The river is  12-15 feet deep around here, but Black Creek can be 26 feet in places. Rumor has it that pirates hid treasure in the creek, but good luck ever finding it!

An island almost…

West – Swimming Pen Creek begins at Whitey’s Fish Camp. You can dock your boat and eat a meal or enjoy the band on weekends.  This creek flowed into Black Creek at one time, but storms closed it. Many people, me included, look at maps and conclude that we are a wannabe island.  

On a Black Creek boating trip with family last Spring, the topic came up that St. Johns Water Management District (SJWMD) was going to open up Swimming Pen Creek again.  Calls to SJWMD were disappointing.  There were no plans to do this. What a boon that would have been for owners on Swimming Pen and Black Creek! Even folks on Doctors Lake would benefit.

An island indeed

Last week at a closing, our Sellers of a Swimming Pen Creek property were musing about fishing with their father. Still disappointed that we weren’t really a “real” island, I asked, “Did you ever remember Swimming Pen Creek being open to Black Creek?”

“No,” he said, “but it’s still an island. There is still water flowing through there to Black Creek.” That made my day!  It is wetlands, but with flowing water. That fits the definition of island – water all around.

I no longer have to worry about people who say, “Fleming Island isn’t really an island” because it is.  And as of July 1, we are “Fleming Island, FL 32003” in the eyes of the US Post Office.  So come and visit us, we have some of the best communities, schools, and convenient shopping in a laid back environment, surrounded by calming waters.

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